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How to Ensure Your Website’s Safety and Security

Are you sure that your website is safe from security breaches? According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, 2015 has set the record with the most number of mega-breaches: nine in total. However, what makes this record worrisome is that aside from the 429 million reported exposed accounts due to various breaches, other companies […]

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UX Explained in Layman’s Terms

User Experience Design or commonly known as UXD, has become the thing of the present. Although, many of us think it is a new concept that suddenly emerged out of nowhere, most of us don’t know that UXD has been around for centuries, dating back to the Renaissance. Over time, its idea grew; its concept […]

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How Color Psychology can Impact Your Web Design

Color psychology reflects human emotions relative to colors. It’s the study of how humans perceive things or how they react in relation to the colors of things. While we all have our favorites, understanding color psychology will significantly impact day to day human decisions in terms of your company, products, services, and especially your company […]

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10 JQuery Plugins for Web Design Enthusiast

JQuery has been the most popular JavaScript library in use today by most web designers in terms of creating spectacular animations, element manipulation, event handling and client-side scripting.  JQuery has made web design faster, easier and more accessible.  We reveal 10 awesome JQuery plugins for web design enthusiast to save your time and effort. We have […]

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Why Australians Should Outsource to the Philippines

Many companies have been utilizing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies for a number of reasons. Because outsourcing is effective and efficient, many industries have been taking advantage of offshoring. From cost cutting, improved productivity and output, enhanced company focused and flexibility, companies who outsource are able to improve their businesses. While there are many factors […]

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Importance of Responsive Web Design

Back in the day, web designers had only one challenge- maintaining the look and feel of a web design in multiple desktop web browsers. However, the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets have introduced a new challenge for designers to deliver a greater user experience. Websites must now adapt to the advanced browsing capabilities of […]

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6 Design Styles For Your Business Website

In the world of web design, understanding new trends may significantly improve your company website. Keeping abreast with the latest web design styles and techniques can increase your conversion rates, sales inquiries, and online presence. It is important to note that in this age, providing an excellent user experience is one of the goals of […]

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Key Components of an Effective Landing Page

Web designers, developers, and programmers are trained and proficient to design and develop websites. They have in-depth skills and knowledge of the technical side of how websites are built. However, a marketing skill is required to execute an effective landing page. Most of us hear the term landing page, but often times we confused it […]

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How to Stand Out Online with your About Us Page

Often overlooked, a company’s About Us page is where you showcase your company profile, history, milestones, and what you contribute to society. This is where your bragging rights are displayed front and center. This part gives you the opportunity to pitch how well, effective, and efficient your company is all about. Through this page you […]

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Top 7 Reasons Why It is Time for a Website Redesign

Having a company website is your business’ online ticket to success when it comes to marketing and advertising. When it comes to promoting your company, products and services, overtime, your market requires something fresh and new from you. There’s an idiomatic expression that says, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. In business, an entrepreneur […]

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Free Website Builders vs. Professional Web Developers: Which One to Choose

A website is a vital part of a company’s marketing campaign. It builds a company’s reputation online and it serves as an online display of your credentials across the internet. A lot of factors have to be considered when developing a company website— content of the site, design, branding, and functionalities. It’s an important investment […]

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Why Choose a Web Design Company over a Freelancer

Developing a website involves a team of web design specialists equipped with various technical skills. To produce an effective and efficient website, different talents must be involved during the development phase. Different ideas and inputs must go through the process to produce a successful and a marketable site. Remember, it’s not just about having a […]

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How to Create An Effective Website

An effective website caters to the needs of your web visitors. While not all websites have the same pages and functionalities, ultimately, a website must provide newsworthy information. There are many types of websites, including a personal website, a company website with product catalog or service list, an online shop or eCommerce site, a dating […]

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Effective Ways of Handling Online Inquiries

Customer support is a vital part of a company’s organizational structure. Without this support, customers’ inquiries will go unattended and angry customers will pile up. Potential leads might slip away just because a customer representative didn’t attend to his needs. An angry customer might rant on social media and damage the reputation of your company […]

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How Blogs Increase Your Website Visitors

There are a tons of ways to market your business online. One of the most popular and most sought out method is via blogging. Marketers call this inbound marketing. It’s a marketing method that allows people to come to you rather than the other way around. In this strategy, marketers produce high quality website contents […]

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Social Media Sites That Can Help Boost Your Online Presence

The traditional way of face-to-face communication in business has been replaced by modern ways of interaction. Having a company website is not enough. With the increasing popularity of digital age, various social media platforms have emerged and created a place for people to interact and engage actively. A new hangout for the millennials, particularly marketers, […]

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Top Reasons Why Having a Website Makes a Difference in the Marketplace

Internet has become the latest tool where people get their information.  In this day in age, if your business doesn’t have a website, people won’t know you. Today, almost everything is digitized. People want instant and hassle free transactions. With a website ready, it becomes easier for them to communicate with business owners while learning […]

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Web Design Trends for 2016

In the web development industry, design trends change on a regular basis; patterns innovate, color scheme preferences adjust, new fonts are created, and designers change their perspective. 2015 has been an interesting year for web development, but 2016 will be a big leap. In line with this, we decided to share some of our insights […]

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How to do a Website Rebuild and Retain SEO Ranking

There will come a time when you will need to rebuild your website. Some of the reasons may be because you’re rebranding, you want to install a new content management system (CMS), you added a new functionality such as e-commerce or membership registrations, you made your website responsive, or just simply because you have gone tired of the look and feel of your website.

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Bigger, better, brighter: Sytian Productions moves to a new office!

It’s been long hours of hard work and close attention to customer service, but it’s paid off handsomely for us all at Sytian Productions. We are delighted to announce that our Quezon City based team is moving to a larger, better equipped office following a year of solid growth and expansion. It’s been a year of paying close attention to customer service, pushing for strong sales, and making careful marketing and management decisions. The result is we have outgrown our old offices. Now we’re really happy to be moving to bigger premises.

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