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5 Killer Tips for Building an Effective eCommerce Product Page

An eCommerce website or an online shopping site, from the name itself, is a type of business that allows people to purchase products or avail services online. Essentially, eCommerce sites are created to bring ease and convenience to customers who prefer to buy products and avail services in the comforts of their homes. As a business owner who owns an eCommerce site, your ultimate goal is to provide a great user experience for your customers and to deliver a seamless purchasing process from the selection of an item to the payment process. To create an effective and marketable eCommerce site, you must equip your site with a lot of elements that can help the overall efficiency of the site.

Like all businesses, your company website must attract users to visit your site, scan through the site, and in the end, a desired action should take place whether they bought something from the site or subscribe to your monthly newsletter. While there are many features and elements to create an effective eCommerce site, it all comes down to the overall marketability of your website, from design layouts to the overall execution of your product and services’ descriptions as well as your company profile and client testimonials.

Here are 5 killer tips on how to build an effective eCommerce product page that can increase your customer traffic online:

  1. Product descriptions must be strong to capture buyers’ attention.


Creating a detailed and comprehensive eCommerce site begins with the products and services page of your company website. With the goal of providing sufficient information about your products and services, your contents must have interesting descriptions that can capture your audience’s attention. The information you tell your audience must not only include specs and boring facts, it must also sell.

But how do you really come up with a copy or a product description that sells?

First, you must identify your target audience.

Understanding your buyers’ behavior is the key component to an effective sales pitch. For instance, in a web development company, its target market can include big and small business establishments who are looking to make a profit in the market. In this case, your sales pitch must speak the same language as your target audience and with this you might want to choose words like marketability, profitability, cash flow, or credibility. Knowing your market’s language can greatly impact your product presentation on your eCommerce site.

Identify different features and benefits of your products and services.

Like all consumers, we want to know what’s in it for us when we purchase a product or avail any service. By identifying different advantages of your products and services, you can create a comprehensive list of all their advantages and arrange them by category all throughout your eCommerce site. With this list, your customer can easily identify which of your products will match their needs and wants.

Content formation.

While your products may have tons of benefits and advantages, if you present them in a haphazard manner, you’ll lose the interest of your audience. And because today, people are impatient and won’t like to read, your content doesn’t get read word per word. Today, people scan through articles, they don’t read an entire article. To make your product presentation effective, ensure that you provide lists in bullet points and try to itemize your features, easy in the eyes of your audience.

  1. Products must be categorized in an organized manner.


If you have multiple product lines, it’s best to arrange them by categories depending on your preference. For instance, in a website development company, it may offer different services including graphic designs, website development, search engine optimization, website redesign, hotel booking system, and even custom built websites specifically made for travel agency or a real estate developer which can all have their own subcategories that can be arranged appropriately. If you run a clothing store, you wouldn’t want to mix women blouses with men’s or even a shoe store, you wouldn’t want to mix formal shoes with sports shoes.

By categorizing your product lists appropriately, you provide customers with great user experience as they wouldn’t have the difficulty of browsing through your product catalog looking for all the things they need. Ensure that your products are arranged per categories so that your customers won’t have a hard time browsing through your site.

  1. Must have high quality and detailed product shots and images.


Because people are visual, we rely more on images than we do with descriptions. You might have a killer product description, but if you don’t have high quality product photos, there is a lesser chance your potential customer will buy your product.

sAs an online shopper, the closest you can be with a product is through its photo shots. The product photo, complete with details, all angles must be shot perfectly by a high quality camera to ensure that each product photo would have a high resolution. Equipping your product page with high quality photos will bring great user experience to your customers.

Providing multiple image of a single product will also increase great user experience, as this would allow them to get to know more about the product itself just by looking at its different angles.

Some product page can allow you to switch the colors of your selected product. By equipping your site with this feature, you allow your customers to have plenty of options to choose from.

Ensure that your product images are equipped with high resolution. It is also imperative, that you upload real photos of your products. Don’t equip your site with stock photos thinking that you can attract more customers because of their quality. Remember, your potential customers want the real deal. Upload real photos of your products to create a great user experience thus increasing your website traffic.

  1. Call to action buttons must be interactive and engaging.


An effective eCommerce product page must include call to action buttons. These buttons can be of many sizes and are not just limited to those small rectangular buttons with texts that include sign up, or buy now.

Again, as a business owner, you must speak the same language as your target market to be able to capture their attention and interest. In business, there’s a famous acronym called AIDA, which translates to Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action. By using the right words in your CTAs, you can capture your audience’s attention. With your compelling product description including your product features and benefits you can grab their interest, especially if the product will directly benefit their pressing needs. Now that we have established your product is the answer to their needs, your customer can easily decide whether to purchase your product or not. Because you were able to capture their attention, and with your effective call to action buttons, you can direct your customers to take action on your offer.

When it comes to calls-to-action, you can be creative as you can be. They come in many forms such as, banner on top of your site, a pop up button, or even the simple regular ones you can find beside each product. In the end, an effective call to action must elicit a desired response from your potential customers.

  1. Presence of customer reviews and client testimonials.


Because we rely so much on what other people say about many things, we often visit review sites before we can trust anything online. For most people, before they can trust a company, they first conduct a little research and find out what other people are saying about a company.

As a company owner, you won’t ever write a bad review about yourself, your products or services. Because of this, people will rely on what your clients are saying about you.

It’s important to note that social proof can greatly improve your credibility in the eyes of your new customers. With the presence of your clients’ testimonials in your site, you put your customers at ease knowing that they can fully trust your company, products, and services.

In today’s technology, advances made are geared towards great user experience. Because of this, people no longer have to go to malls to shops or even grocery stores to get what they need for a party. Express delivery, free shipping, and online shopping are now changing people’s buying perception. Today, most of us communicate with a computer and get what we want. There’s no longer a need to face human interaction and visit an off-site office to purchase what we need. Because of its increasing popularity, business owners must utilize its full potential and equip the site with compelling product descriptions, high quality product images, engaging CTAs, and social proof to make the site more marketable and effective.

What other website elements do you think can help improve the overall marketability of an eCommerce product page? Share your comments and suggestions below!

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